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02 Dec

Beg For It To End

Zuzana Light is back with another ZWOW workout that you’ll be begging for to stop by the end of it!


01 Dec

Best Kicks in MMA

In Fitness Videos,Inspiration,MMA by Jon / December 1, 2013 / 0 Comments

The 10 best MMA kicks of all time. Nuff said really.


18 Nov

Sweat Everywhere

Zuzana Light kicks ass with this “Sweat Everywhere” workout. It’s a pretty apt description if we do say so ourselves.


25 Oct

Optimum Nutrition In Asia

A big shoutout to Strategic partners Optimum Nutrition on the launch of their digital engagement campaigns – managed by LiveFitter’s consulting team. Check out what True Strength means to the folks in Asia.optimum nutrition asia

22 Oct

Fitter U Interview | Alvin Goh

Basketball enthusiast Alvin Goh speaks about his injury and his goals to recover from them. If you think this contest is for you, head to!


15 Oct

Fitter U Feature – Victoria Cheng

This second Dan Black Belt is looking to kick some ass (figuratively speaking) in this competition. With a sporting goal of regaining her physical peak, Victoria’s story is one you’ll want to follow.


14 Oct

Fitter U Feature – Kaizer

With a goal of running her first marathon, Kaiser’s goal is one many can identify with.


13 Oct

Fitter U Feature – David Tien

While no stranger to fitness, David has a goal of picking up the new sport of trail biking during this competition. We believe fitness comes in many forms, join us!


12 Oct

Fitter U Feature – Alessa Wan

Alessa is a normal girl with the goal of transforming her physique. If she can do it – so can you!


11 Oct

The Fitter U Contest

With $10,000 Optimum Nutrition Contracts up for grabs, this is the most exciting fitness competition to hit the shores of Singapore. Watch our Contest Video now!